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If you need any help with infertility, Pregnancy or IVF, feel free to contact us any time or visit nearest Usha IVF in Anand.

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test tube baby treatment in anand Gujarat
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IVF Centre Surat

Looking for the best IVF and infertility center in Surat? As a professional, experienced, Usha IVF center has helped thousands of couples conceive and begin their family. As well as providing excellent infrastructure and the best services possible to our valued patients, we also offer personalized care. Our success rate is still the highest in the industry. Don’t hold back! Move ahead! Get in touch with us today!
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Prashant AmbulkarOur Patients
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Thanks to Dr. Dipan for a successful surgery and a fast recovery. All facilities provided are very good and staff is very caring!
Hemangini PatelOur Patients
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We are very thankful to Dr Dipan and his entire staff! All doctors and staff are very cooperative & helpful!
Krupa PatelOur Patients
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I am very happy, both doctors and staff are excellent people!
Greeshma PatelOur Patients
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Excellent services! Thank You Dr. Dipan and Dr. Usha!
Heena and Amit Patel, MumbaiOur Patients
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The services at this hospital are excellent! Dr. Dipan and his staff are very friendly and we did not face any problems during our stay here! Thank you so much for my care!
Arti VajaOur Patients
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Docters and staff are supportive and expert in their work. excellent services, thanks Dr Dipan Sir and Usha mam!
Pallavi PatelOur Patients
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Me and my husband are very happy with all doctors and all the staff of this hospital. My best wishes with them. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family!

Best IVF & Fertility Doctors in Surat

DR DIPAN Best Test Tube Baby Hospital in Anand

Dr. Dipan Thakkar

DR USHA Thakkar Best IVF Doctor in Anand

Dr. Usha Thakkar

Dr. Dipan Thakkar and Dr. Usha Thakkar, Surat (IVF Specialist) is a top Doctors at Usha IVF with over 30 years of experience in the field of infertility. Dr. Usha Thakkar is one of the most praised specialists among our community members. Usha IVF is one of the most trusted chains for infertility and IVF with locations all across Surat, India and it makes her the Best Ivf Doctor In Bharuch.

Dr. Thakkar Vadodara is an IVF specialist specializing in several infertility treatments like IUI, ICSI, and more. Fitted with some of the best technology and with world-class specialists in all relevant fields, Usha IVF has managed to earn the trust of several couples. Dr. Thakkar is a trustworthy, well-known, and one of the Best Ivf Doctor In Surat and a top gynecologist in Surat, India.

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