Ovum, Sperm & Embryo donation facilities

At Usha IVF & Test tube baby center we have a complete facility for ovum, Sperm and embryo donation facilities for patients who cannot construct eggs or sperms required to conceive.

In some cases the ovaries fail to produce eggs and the only option to conceiving is using eggs contributed by another woman.

Using donated ovum also remove chances of genetic diseases that pass on from mother to child. Equally, if it becomes impossible to collect sperm even from testes in an Azoospermia male, donated sperms have to be made use of.

Embryo donation is suitable for the couples in whom both the male and female gametes are of poor quality and they had previous unsuccessful attempts of IVF.

Sperm donation is indicated for the couples whose male partner has very severe oligospermia or azoospermia or have very poor morphological sperms.

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