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Usha IVF

Best IVF Clinic for Male Infertility in Anand

Usha IVF Centre is one of the Best IVF Centers, Test Tube Baby Treatment across Anand and Gujarat.

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Usha IVF Center

Best IVF Center in Anand, Gujarat
Get World Class IVF treatment in Anand, Gujarat

Part of Usha Nursing Home, it is one of the best centres for IVF and all fertility treatments across Gujarat.


We Dr. Dipan Thakkar and Dr. Usha Thakkar have over 30+ years of experience and expertise in this field. Dr. Dipan is regarded as one of the top-ranking fertility specialists in Anand, as well as Gujarat.

High success rate

We at Usha IVF centre have committed ourselves to providing the highest success rate for each couple, and our numbers reflect the same.

Affordable treatment

We provide the most affordable IVF treatment options, without compromising on quality and service.


Many IVF Anand, Gujarat failure patients also treated successfully in Usha Nursing Home

Established in 1990, with the vision and mission of providing quality healthcare to women, we have constantly upgraded to stay ahead in the field. Acquiring trained staff,  updating our technology and knowledge, we are known to cater the best. At Usha Nursing Home we have latest Full HD 3D Laparoscopy and Full HD Hysteroscopy. We also have a best in quality 3D/4D ultrasound machine. Through constant hard work and teamwork, we have established ourselves as a centre of excellence not only in Anand and Gujarat, but also all over the world.

We are blessed to have had the opportunity to cater to patients from Africa, Middle East, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and The United States.

Dr. Dipan Thakkar is one of the Surrogacy and IVF TreatmentBest & Leading Infertility Specialist in Anand. He is having 30+ years of experience in all types of Fertility/Infertility Treatments and acquired specific training for IVF, in Germany for the same. The Medical Director, who has been more than three decades of experience in this field has provided the joy of parenthood to more than 2000+ couples.

He is considered as the Best Infertility specialist in Anand and is known for making many childless couples conceive with the help of IVF.

Dr Dipan is well-known for handling complicated pregnancy cases and high-risk pregnancies. He has many successful cases to his credit and the success rate of the cases he has handled speak for themselves. With a passion for solving infertility issues among couples, he has worked hard and the client testimonials, reviews, and results have been proof of how well versed he is at his job!

He is personally involved in the infertility treatments prescribed for each patient right from the time they come for their initial consultation to ultrasounds and finally their pregnancy test.

This personal touch provides a UNIQUE experience and care to all want to be parents!

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