Laser Hatching in IVF in Anand

Laser Hatching in IVF in Anand (Laser-assisted hatching)

By creating an opening in the embryo’s outer layer or “shell” (a membrane also known as the zona pellucida), laser-assisted hatching is a scientific IVF procedure that can make it easier for the embryo to “hatch” or breakthrough its outer layer or “shell.” This layer can become abnormally thick and/or solid in some cases, with the freezing and thawing process being one of the contributing elements. The easier the embryo hatches, the more chance it has of adhering to or implanting into the uterine wall.

Pregnancy is impossible to achieve unless the embryo hatches and implants, and laser-assisted hatching can help with these vital phases.

Treatment procedure For Laser Hatching in IVF in Anand

Under a microscope, an embryologist sends a brief, powerful laser beam into the shell to create a space through which the embryo can emerge. During an IVF or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) cycle, this is normally done three days following fertilisation, when the embryo has begun to cleave (divide). It merely takes a few seconds and has no negative effects on the embryo. The embryo is then returned to the patient’s uterus, where it will connect to the lining and continue to grow.

Laser Hatching in IVF in Anand

Advantages of Laser Assisted Hatching

Due to various advantages, a laser has been found to be superior to conventional techniques of assisted hatching (chemical and manual):

  • The embryo is handled as little as possible.
  • Controlling the drilling of the shell opening quickly and precisely is essential.
    It is soft and safe for the embryo, with no side effects.
  • Patients have a lot of options, and they’re all available under clinical supervision based on your situation.

Success Rate in Anand, INDIA

  • With the use of assisted laser hatching, the chances of conception have been increased in some cases, according to research.
  • The greatest medical standards are preserved in Raipur, and all requirements are observed. The success rate is usually determined by the medical characteristics of the individual patient as well as the treatment methods used. The treatment’s success is also influenced by the woman’s age. There are numerous success tales to choose from.
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