"Is life worth living if you don't have your child? If the answer is no, then your successful living will be treated using Blastocyst Culture Transfer and Freezing Embryos."

A blastocyst is an embryo at an advanced stage of physiologic development when there are two cell types present: one group of cells that form the placenta, and another group of cells that form the fetus. Advances by our superb IVF laboratory staff have been able to provide the proper nutrients to grow embryos in the lab to this advanced stage of development.

The further developed the embryos, the better your ability to select the most viable embryos and ability to transfer a fewer number of embryos. This will allow us to maintain or raise pregnancy rates while reducing the number of embryos transferred, thereby reducing the most significant complication of multiple pregnancies.

A blastocyst is a highly differentiated, highly developed embryo that has grown to the point where it is ready to attach to the uterine wall (implantation).

5 day blastocyst implantation timeline in IVF Treatment in Anand

What is blastocyst transfer?

A blastocyst transfer is a technique, incorporated with in vitro fertilization (IVF), designed to increase pregnancy rates and decrease the risk of multiple pregnancies, Blastocyst Culture, Blastocyst Culture Transfer, and Freezing Embryos. This technology, pioneered by investigators from Australia has been reported to increase the pregnancy rate in selected patients by almost double, while virtually eliminating the risk of high order multiple pregnancies, like triplets or quadruplets.

The stages of development are as follows:

  • The day of egg retrieval is measured as Day 0 (IVF or ICSI is done Day 0)
  • The pronuclear phase on day 1 (embryologist checks as to how many eggs have successfully fertilized)
  • The two to four cell phase on Day 2
  • The eight-cell phase on day 3
  • The morale phase on day 4
  • The blastocyst phase on day 5 or day 6
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Blastocyst Culture Transfer and Freezing Embryos in Gujarat
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