Surrogacy and Ivf Treatment

What is the Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy?

Usha IVF is the best platform for surrogacy and IVF treatment in Gujarat. We have highly qualified experts that are having wide experience and knowledge for offering the best surrogacy treatments as per the requirements of valuable patients. Surrogacy is a fertility treatment procedure where a woman carries and delivers a baby for another couple. Over the years spent in the profession, we have accomplished several successful surrogacy procedures for the females that have removed the uterus due to some biological reasons and are incapable to produce babies. Many-a-times females have to consider surrogacy procedures due to uterine defects or inherent conditions. Surrogacy is a hassle-free procedure where fertilization takes place in the womb of the surrogate. The process involves taking great of the surrogate until the birth of the child. IVF treatment involves genetic testing of the embryos produced in the in vitro fertilization to genetically analyze the embryos prior to implantation. We assure successful surrogacy and IVF treatment preimplantation procedures that are truly safe and secure without any negative consequences.

Parenthood gives huge happiness and it cannot be replaced with anything else in this world. Every couple wishes to have a child and every couple in this world is not sufficient to have a child in nature. There could be some reasons for not being able to have children.

With the progression in technology, different options have been developed to have children such as surrogacy and  IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Treatment. These treatments can help the couple to have a child. But, many couple is mystified while choosing between IVF and surrogacy.

Let us understand the difference between these methods.

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IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, which means fertilization takes place within a glass tube. The IVF method starts with hormones therapy on the female’s body. Hormone therapy is utilized to improve the growth of eggs in her ovary.  The infertile woman is kept under examination with proper medication until she makes matured eggs. Using a simple process, eggs are removed and are joint with the male sperms within a lab. The eggs and sperms will be kept in a special container in the lab.  for now, the inner lining of the woman’s womb will be ready by hormone alternate therapy to handle pregnancy. 

After careful observation, one or two good embryos or fertilized eggs will be transferred to the woman’s fallopian tube use the “embryo transfer process”. Usha Nursing Home have Best IVF Doctor in India.

Surrogacy Procedure:

surrogacy procedure, the infertile couple hire a surrogate mother. The surrogate woman brings the baby in her womb as the original mother cannot carry the baby in her womb. Initially, the body of the surrogate mother may not allow moving a baby in her womb, but it can be handle through proper medication. 

The eggs are then taken from the original mother at a right time and are implanted into the womb of a surrogate with father sperms. If the male partner is infertile, the sperms will be taken from a sperm donor to grip the surrogacy process. The surrogate mother holds the baby in her womb and concurs to give the child to the actual parents after delivery. The baby will be hereditarily the child of the original parents. But, the surrogate mother carries and delivers the child.

Surrogacy is being chosen when a female uterus got removed due to some underlying medical state. It is also chosen even when a woman has a uterus fault. Couples also opt for surrogacy when the woman practices multiple miscarriages. Surrogacy is an emotional journey and both partners should be emotionally and mentally ready for the procedure.  

What is the Cost of IVF with Surrogacy?

Because IVF with gestational surrogacy engage multiple medical procedures, you’ll want to think the combined costs before beginning the process. Legal and agency fees can add to your expenses, as can travel. Insurance coverage may involve expenses, too.

Families and individuals consider IVF surrogacy should suppose to pay around $50,000 to $100,000. Costs may run lower or higher depending on situation unique to each pregnancy.

Usha Nursing Home has qualified high success rates that can help future parents minimize costs around IVF surrogacy. We’ve reached a greater than 90% success rate in our IVF and gestational surrogacy program, and additional than 70% twin rate when transfer two or more embryos.

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