Vitrification in IVF Treatment Cycle

Vitrification: The Essence Of The Method

Vitrification is a freezing process that transforms the liquid particles of eggs, embryos, and sperm into a glass-like structure. Old vitrification processes were related with involving the slower freezing of these liquid particles that leads to the formation of damaging crystals particles in fragile eggs, but due to the new and advanced vitrification techniques, these crystals are unable to form. Vitrification in the IVF treatment cycle is a very successful and proven freezing method in comparison with IVF cycles using fresh eggs and embryos. The chances of success are more in the vitrification process. The process of vitrification is highly successful due to the medications vital in ovulation induction. The freezing process is vital as the medications involved normalize the hormone levels of females while transferring the embryos. Therefore frozen embryo transfers are highly recommended in IVF treatments. Usha IVF is the best platform for vitrification; as patients get the best treatment with ease with quality assurance and proven technologies.

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