Surrogacy and IVF Treatment

IVF is one of the steps of having a baby through surrogacy, but, IVF can also be undergone by couples without a surrogate. This is the main difference between Surrogacy and IVF Treatment

Surrogacy refers to a contract in which woman carries a Pregnancy for another couple.

Indications for the treatment by surrogacy

Women without a uterus, but with one or both ovaries functioning, are the most obvious group that may be suitable for the treatment by IVF – Surrogacy. These includes:

Selection of the Surrogate

Gestational carriers may be known to the intended parents or may be anonymous. Known gestational carriers are typically relatives like, sister in laws, cousins, or friends who volunteer to carry the pregnancy known as Artistic surrogacy. Anonymous gestational carriers are identified through our contacts or agencies that specialize in recruiting women to become a gestational carrier known as commercial surrogacy.

At Usha IVF many couples are blessed with fulfilling of their dreams by surrogacy. We take comprehensive care of surrogate mothers.

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