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Pregnancy and Maternity Specialist in Gujarat

Since 1990, Usha IVF is one of the best fertility centers in Gujarat. Over 30 years, we have accomplished more than 20000+ successful deliveries thereby bringing hope in many lives for having kids without any repercussions. Here, we have the best pregnancy and maternity specialists that are involved in the successful accomplishment of pregnancies. Our specialists are specialized in modern facility treatment for formulating artificial insemination and pregnancy formulation in females who are unable to bear children. All the treatments are processed under the supervision of our multi-facility experts Dr. Dipan Thakkar and Dr. Usha Thakkar. Our team is facilitated with highly advanced laboratories and professional experienced doctors that manage to cure higher risks with ease. The treatment you get at our organization is highly quality assured and our doctors leave no chance in curing the risks up to the root level. We never compromise in treating your health up to the mark. Here, all your pregnancy concerns are considered with great care. We work in every possible way to make you achieve all your dreams and aspirations for having a healthy child free of future health risks and therefore, we have accomplished a reputed name till today. Usha IVF is considered among the best pregnancy and maternity specialists in Gujarat, here we cater to all types of pregnancy and maternity concerns in the best possible way we can. So, when you hope; it’s our job to make it live.

Hysteroscopy IVF Treatment in Anand

Pregnancy Amniocentesis Treatment

Amniocentesis is a process that involves the taking up of the fluid from the uterus of the female, which is used for testing or treatment. Amniotic fluid is a type of fluid that surrounds the baby and protects it during pregnancy. Various proteins and fetal cells are associated with the fluid that helps the baby to develop and protect it from diseases and infections. Pregnancy amniocentesis treatment provides valuable information about the baby’s health inside the womb. The process is intended to understand the risks of pregnancy and be prepared for future repercussions and thus it helps in preventing the risks before it is too late. We are among the best IVF and IUI treatment centers present in Gujarat, engaged in accomplishing the dreams of people unable to bear kids. We are comprehensively engaged in forming artificial pregnancies and making it possible for people to have kids. Pregnancy amniocentesis treatment is done for various reasons some of them might involve; genetic testing, fetal lung testing, diagnostic of fetal infection, treatment, and paternity testing.

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