Hysteroscopy IVF Treatment Hysteroscopy IVF Treatment

Dr. Dipan Thakkar and his team have conducted more than 20000 deliveries in the span of 30 years
The team manages all types of high-risk pregnancy including pregnancy-induced hypertension, diabetes, twins and triplet pregnancy, APLA etc.
We take complete care of our patients on each visit, right from the time of conception to the delivery of their baby.
The patient is monitored by trained nursing staff and medical officers.
In emergency situations, back-up staff, anaesthetist and paediatricians are available.

Services offered at our centre:

  1. Regular health check ups and monitoring of mother as well as baby’s health
  2. Timely Ultrasound check up to monitor growth of the baby
  3. Genetic screening tests like double and quadruple marker and NIPT.
  4. Counselling regarding health hygiene and health sexual practices
  5. Advice on correct diet and supplements to be taken during pregnancy
  6. Careful monitoring, treatment and follow up of high risk patients (PIH, Diabetes, Bad obstetric history, autoimmune conditions etc)
  7. Outsourced services such as Yoga, meditation and stress relieving activities for pregnant mothers.
  8. Interactive and informative sessions at our very own Audio Visual Theatre room
  9. Clean and tidy rooms with all basic amenities to ensure best health of you and your baby.
  10. Cord blood stem cell banking facility is also available.
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