Blastocyst Culture and Transfer

Blastocyst culture transfer and freezing embryos is advised for patients with multiple failed IVF within 2 or 3 three day of embryo transfer. Blastocyst culture transfer generates more information related to the growth of the embryos and aid in improving pregnancy rate. It is also used to eliminate multiple pregnancies; it may or may not allow the transfer of single best embryo and thereby reducing the chance of multiple pregnancies. Blastocyst has two different cell types- the inner cell mass which develops into the fetus, and an outer layer of cells called trophectoderm which develops into the placenta.

Blastocyst culture is the practice of developing embryos within a laboratory setting until they reach the Blastocyst stage that is the 5 the day of development. Embryos can be observed for a longer period of time by extending the in vitro culture period until the Blastocyst stage. Blastocyst culture transfer and freezing embryos are helpful measures to enhance the chances of pregnancy. When you wish to boost your chances of pregnancy then Usha IVF offers the best test tube baby (IVF) treatments in Gujarat.

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